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Ultra Paniutsu-Genki (ウルトラパニウツ元気)

Ultra Paniutsu-Genki (ウルトラパニウツ元気)

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nutrition for the brain

Including ; zinc yeast, magnesium oxide, Oyster shell powder, chlorella, folic acid, etc etc

Due to I have lived in Europe for 23 years, I didn't have much chance to take the 'real' health checkup long time as it is not common in there. But now I can take any checkup if I wish in Japan with reasonable cost.

I took MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) for my brain part today. It was not free of charge, but paid around 8,000JPY. it is aorund US$60. How amazing medical systems they have! what I always think.

There were nothing critical issues in there, but as I was quite busy these days, it was suggested to take some rest ; ) I showed this 'Paniutsu Genki' to the doctor as my daily supplement for my brain. He checked the component, and said I can keep taking. Of course I will : )
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