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Biryu (美龍)

Biryu (美龍)

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Nourish of the brain supplements. The printed Japanse characters meaning is 'Beautiful dragon' : )

This is the first supplement what I had from Marukan. It was summer time in 2020 when I visited one of their shop. I had a big health trouble for half an year already after my husband passed away sudden. Due to I couldn't eat well long, it was already lost 10kg. I simply thought I got some stomach trouble. However, the shop staff recommended to take this for giving nourish to the brain. He explained that some brain signal might be necessary to be recovered if I had eating trouble such long time. This supplement was led me to the right direction again on my life like got a great guide a beautiful dragon ; ). I have been learned much from them after that as they are not selling products only, but showing japanesemind as well.
Having good food and having fun experiences, is the best for the brain, but if it is not working for some reason, this might be a good help and charm with you. : )
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