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Aojiru-su (青汁酢)

Aojiru-su (青汁酢)

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This is one of my favorite supplements called 'Aojirusu'.

The name meaning is 'Green juice and Vinegar'. but don't worry! You don't taste sour or bitter at all. ; ). 

It is the one of them what I am taking every day! 
I don't explain about all of components details, but as you see the colour, It is mixed with many different kinds of essence from Japanese tees etc. Also put on calcium etc, etc...

The main purpose with this for me, Intestinal regulation. I am sure you will notice something changed in a couple of days in the morning after started to taken this : ). 

It says 10-30 grains per day in the back side, but I actually taking it around 7-8 grains per day. As it has 480 grains in total, I can take it for 2 months from a package. I am taking supplements with cold-barley tea. I like the combination as the healthy happy start every morning : ). 

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